Wednesday, September 30th @ 7-8pm 

Team Night is a momentum building event to bring all Team Members together for a night of reflection and direction as we prepare to regather for church at our physical locations.

Team Night is Wednesday, September 30th @ 7-8pm.



What happens if I have no experience, will a team still accept me?

  • Absolutely! We will help get you connected to a team.


What if I don’t know which team to serve on, where do I start?

  • Come to Team Night, tell us more about yourself and we’ll help you find the right team by the end of the night.


If I already serve on a team, I don’t need to come right?

  • Wrong. This night is meant to encourage you. You will also get a chance to hang and chill with your campus.


Where are the locations?


What teams will be available to serve on right now?

  • CF Kids, CF Students, & Guest Services

  • All Team Members are welcomed to attend Team Night. We will be reopening with the CF Kids, CF Students, and Guest Services teams.  If you are part of a different team, your leadership in Guest Services would be greatly appreciated.

Will there be food?

  • No food will be provided. Bottled water will be available.


Do I need to sign up?

  • Yes, you can register here.


How do I sign up to serve on a team?

  • If you DON'T serve on a team but would like to, fill out this form.

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