Watch a Message

1. Pick a Series

Part 1: Connect To God

Why is going to church important? Are you feeling stuck in your relationship with God? Watch to learn how we can get unstuck in our walk by gathering with God’s people again.

Part 10: God Is For You

If God is good, why do we face difficulties in life? Watch to find out how we can be certain that God is always good and always with us even in hard times.

The Anatomy of Generosity

Inflation is soaring, and money is tight. We often feel like we can’t make ends meet and because of that, being generous is the last thing on our minds. But what if the secret to surviving this economy is actually found in generosity? Come find out why this weekend.

Part 9: A Promise for the Anxious Heart

There is an unbreakable chain of events that are part of every story of redemption. Watch to learn more about how this chain is formed.

Part 11: Inseparable Love

Am I really loved? How can God love me after all my mistakes? If God loves me, why am I going through hardship? There’s one thing you must know, God loves you and nothing you do can change that. Watch to learn more about the love that God has for you.